Don't believe me... listen to him admit it in his own words!

Pastor Mike Hylton Lied to You
Just So He Could Sleep With My Wife!

WARNING: "Pastor" Mike Hylton doesn't want you to know what he's done. He's afraid that if you know the truth, you might lose your faith in God. (No kidding. That's what he said.) So, if you have trouble distinguishing between "Pastor" Mike Hylton and Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, or if you're a person who is satisfied with lies simply because "Pastor" Mike Hylton thinks you shouldn't be told the truth, then you may want to close this page.

However, if you're the kind of person who doesn't appreciate being lied to and you're fairly confident that you know the difference between "Pastor" Mike Hylton and Almighty God, then you may want to continue reading.

Who am I? My name is David Gray. I'm "Pastor" Mike Hylton's wife's other husband.

Or, as he told me, "See, legally, yeah, she's your wife but I consider her my wife too".

Meet "Pastor" Mike Hylton

"Pastor" Mike Hylton was a respected member of the clergy in the small town of West Salem, Wisconsin, where until recently he served as pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

Connie Sue Hylton, his wife of more than 30 years and the mother of his two children, passed away on March 20th, 2007 and was laid to rest on March 29th, 2007.

Just 10 short weeks later, in June of 2007, "Pastor" Mike Hylton was already "shopping around" for someone else. Sorry, Connie.

In the recording below you'll hear "Pastor" Mike Hylton explain in his own words how he used the Internet to locate my wife. You'll hear him tell me "I've had a sweet spot for her all my life". (Sorry again, Connie.) You'll hear him tell me that he began dating my wife over the Internet, even though he knew she was married to me. (Incidentally, she still is married to me.)

Question: What kind of a person uses the Internet to secretly date married women?

In early October, 2007, my wife simply vanished. She walked away from me and our three children. We didn't even know which state she was living in, and she was determined to keep us from finding out where she had gone.

In the recording below, you'll hear my wife admit that "Pastor" Mike Hylton actually proposed to her and invited her to join him in West Salem, Wisconsin, even though he knew she was married to me.

Question: What kind of a person secretly proposes to a married woman and invites her to leave her family?

Two Years Later...

Now it's June, 2009 (two years after he started dating my wife) and "Pastor" Mike Hylton has finally found the courage to talk with me on the telephone.

Why has he finaly decided to talk with me? Is it because he's sorry for what he's done and he wanted to apologize for the pain he caused to me and my three children when he proposed to my wife and invited her to move to Wisconsin to be his wife?

No. The reason he's suddenly decided to speak with me is because I was finally able to find out who he is and where he lives and he's afraid that I may reveal his dirty little secret.

He had to speak with me to ask me not to tell you what he's done.

What's "Pastor" Mike Hylton's Dirty Little Secret?

Everyone in his church, everyone in West Salem, his friends, his neighbors, even his own children, believe that he's married to a woman named Kathy... but he's not. I am.

Why would everyone think he's married to my wife?

Because "Pastor" Mike Hylton... the spiritual leader of Prince of Peace Church Lutheran in West Salem, Wisconsin, for over a decade... lied to everyone so he could sleep with my wife.

Yes, that's right. He told everyone in his church that he and my wife were going to be married in Hawaii on May 6th, 2008... although he conveniently left out the part about my wife already being married. He even announced their plans to be married in the church bulletin... even though they had already decided NOT to get married!

So they DIDN'T get married? No. They just told everyone they did.

Tell me, did you ever think that your "Pastor" would use your church bulletin to spread his lies? Lies that were designed to allow him to continue (and continue to conceal) his adulterous affair by deceiving you into believing that he was getting married just so he could continue to have sex with a married woman?

You may be wondering, if they had already decided not to get married, why did they lie to everyone and pretend to get married?

Because they wanted to be able to live together (and sleep together) without the fear of their illicit affair being discovered.

Question: What kind of person can stand as a pastor in the pulpit of his church, face a congregation of his friends and neighbors, even his own children, smile at them, and lie through his teeth every Sunday for over a year?

What kind of person could stand up in the House of The Lord and look into the faces of the good people who attend worship services at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and turn to him for spritual guidance, and lie through his teeth every Sunday for over a year?

Yes, "Pastor" Mike Hylton is a liar. He's not a liar because he told one person a lie one day. He's a liar because he has begun every single day for over a year by making a conscious decision to spend the day lying to everyone he meets, whether it's a friend, a neighbor, a member of his church, or his own child. He's a liar because he has closed his eyes every single night for over a year, satisfied that for one more day he has been able to lie successfully to his friends, his neighbors, the members of his church, and even to his own children.

And yes, "Pastor" Mike Hylton is an adulterer. He's not an adulterer because he "made a mistake" once and had sex with a married woman. He's an adulterer because he has been having sex with my wife for over a year... knowing full well that she's married to me... and he refuses to stop.

He lied to his friends, he lied to his neighbors, and he lied to everyone in his church. In the ultimate sickening act of arrogance and betrayal, he even accepted wedding gifts from many of them... and thanked them in the church bulletin!!!

He even lied to his own children!

He lied to his children when they sat down with him at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, and at Easter. He not only lied to them in public, he lied to them in the privacy of his own home. Again and again and again.

(Sidenote: In the recording below, you'll hear "Pastor" Mike Hylton mention that Kathy has told the truth to a couple of her friends. Apparently she has more respect for her friends than "Pastor" Mike Hylton has for his own children. Incredible.)

Why would "Pastor" Mike Hylton do such a thing? Why would he turn away from the Bible, desecrate the pulpit with lies, defile his pastorate with adultery, deceive his congregation, and lie to his own children for over a year?

He told me (with a chuckle) "The flesh is weak, brother!"

That's right. "Pastor" Mike Hylton lied to everyone so he could have sex with my wife. He chose sex with a married woman over his Christian beliefs, his morals, his pastorate, his church, everyone who ever had any respect for him, and over the laws of Wisconsin, and he lied to everyone so he could sleep with my wife and the mother of my children... in a house that was provided to him by the tithes and offerings of the good people who gather to worship the Lord at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church!

Is that why you donate money to the church? So "Pastor" Mike Hylton can have a comfortable home where he can sleep with my wife? I didn't think so... but that's exactly how he's perverted a portion of your tithes and offerings.

A Simple Mistake, Or Something Far More Sinister?

Was this "something simple" that somehow got out of hand? Was this "just a mistake"?

Absolutely not. "Pastor" Mike Hylton has had literally hundreds of chances to stop this. Instead, he chose to keep it going. He initiated it, he enjoyed it, he concealed it, and he intentionally perpetuated it for over two years... and he still refuses to stop it!

He could have stopped this before it started... as soon as he found out she was married. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, "Pastor" Mike Hylton.

He could have stopped it before they faked their marriage in Hawaii and before he introduced her as his wife to his congregation, his friends, his neighbors, and his children. Thou shalt not lie, "Pastor" Mike Hylton.

He could have stopped it before he invited my wife to live with him in his home as his wife. Thou shalt not commit adultery, "Pastor" Mike Hylton.

He could have stopped it at any time during the 24 months between June, 2007, when they began dating on the Internet, and June 19th, 2009, when we spoke on the phone. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, thou shalt not lie, and thou shalt not commit adultery, "Pastor" Mike Hylton.

But he didn't stop it. He didn't want to. And after two solid years of deception, adultery, and lies, he still hasn't. Why not? He doesn't want to. "The flesh is weak, brother". (Apparently "Pastor" Mike Hylton's "flesh" is especially weak.)

Some Of Us Don't Have To Be Bothered With Such Things.

I guess the Ten Commandments don't apply to "Pastor" Mike Hylton, but what about the law? Is "Pastor" Mike Hylton also above the law?

Apparently he thinks he is. In the recording you'll actually hear him laugh when I mention that adultery is a felony crime in Wisconsin. Yes, laugh.

And in case there's any lingering doubt that "Pastor" Mike Hylton sees himself as above the law, here are the exact words that he uses to explain that he is not bound by the laws of Wisconsin: "See, legally, yeah, she's your wife but I consider her my wife too."

Have you ever heard anything so arrogant? A common trait among all criminals is blatant disregard for the law, and "Pastor" Mike Hylton is no exception.

How about you? Are you above the law? Do you also have the right to choose which laws don't appy to you?

Men, what about your neighbor? Is he above the law? Will he decide that it's OK to secretly date your wife... and secretly propose to your wife... and invite her to run away with him... and live with him in hiding while she's still married to you?

That's exactly what "Pastor" Mike Hylton did to me and my family, because he's convinced he's above the law.

And ladies, what about that woman who works with your husband? Is she above the law? Will she decide that it's OK to sleep with your husband... and run away with him to a beach in Hawaii where they pretend to get married so they can live together in hiding while he's still married to you?

That's exactly what "Pastor" Mike Hylton did to me and my family, because he's convinced he's above the law.

One of the reasons that God gave us His Word is so that we could live in harmony. The Holy Bible is a flawless moral compass for those who lack the basic morality or the wisdom to instinctively know what's right and wrong, and conduct themselves accordingly.

But what happens when someone simply chooses to ignore God's Word... as "Pastor" Mike Hylton has done every day for the past two years? What happens when someone simply decides that he wants something and doesn't care who else is harmed as long as he gets what he wants... as "Pastor" Mike Hylton decided?

For those people we have laws.

We have laws to protect our possessions from those people who would steal from us. We have laws to protect us from those people who would physically harm us. And we have laws to protect our families from the destructive whims of people like "Pastor" Mike Hylton... people who can't control themselves because their "flesh" is weak.

We have laws in place to help prevent immoral people from harming others, and we have laws in place to punish immoral people who intentionally bring harm to others.

Without laws, or if our laws are not enforced, immoral people can and do willfully cause harm to others. When immoral people are confident that they are safe from prosecution and punishment, innocent people suffer. Sometimes those innocent people seek revenge and the result is senseless violence where the wrong people get hurt.

But "Pastor" Mike Hylton simply doesn't have to be bothered with such things as morality and laws. He can preach morality for years and years... and then abandon his morality whenever it gets in his way.

And he can just laugh at the law.

Morals? No thanks, none for me today. I think I'll have a "weak flesh day" today. In fact, I'm having a "weak flesh year".

Laws? No thanks. I'll pass. They cramp my style. I prefer to have sex with someone who's married to somebody else.

Men, is that how you want your neighbor to think? Ladies, is that how you want that woman who works with your husband to think?

Are those the new rules for West Salem, Wisconsin?

No? Then you have a vested interest in seeing that the law against Adultery, a felony crime in Wisconsin, is enforced. Laws are important, and the type of arrogant, blatant, repeated, and continued disrespect for the law that "Pastor" Mike Hylton has displayed should never be tolerated in a community where honest, decent people live with the basic expectation of being protected from the illegal activities of immoral people.


Do you find all of this amazing? Unbelievable? I understand. I couldn't believe it either at first.

That's why I want to let Kathy and "Pastor" Mike Hylton explain their actions to you the way they explained their actions to me.

I invite you to listen to their voices as they tell their twisted story of adultery, lies, and deception. Listen as they try to justify what they've done... and are still doing.

Then listen as "Pastor" Mike Hylton tries to convince me to join him in his lies by keeping the good people of West Salem, Wisconsin, in the dark.

Jesus said, "This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." John 3:19-21

For the first 5 minutes you'll hear Kathy stumbling through her denial ("I didn't do anything wrong") and then you'll hear "Pastor" Mike Hylton admitting to everything that he's done... and everything that he's still doing... and admitting that it's wrong... but all the while refusing to stop doing it... and asking me to participate in the deception.

Apparently liars don't see anything wrong with asking other people to lie also.

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Recorded on June 19th, 2009
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Don't forget to come back to this page so you'll know what to expect next.

If you are a member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in West Salem, Wisconsin, and you feel deceived, you should. You were deceived.

If you gave a wedding gift to "Pastor" Mike Hylton and his new bride, you were not only deceived, you are also the victim of fraud at the hands of "Pastor" Mike Hylton.

If you are Ty Hylton or Leah Hylton, and you're tempted to blame me for the pain you're feeling, I would encourage you to open your eyes and ask yourself how you'd feel if you were me or one of my children. You're not the only ones hurting... my children's mother has been lying to them just as long as your father has been lying to you... and your father is to blame for that, not me.

And if you feel for one minute that I should have remained silent to protect your father, just remember... he had over two years to tell you the truth and he didn't. At no point in the past two years has he respected you enough to tell you the truth, and he had no intention of ever telling you the truth. You can rest assured that if it hadn't been for me uncovering his lies, he'd still be lying to you.

At least you can count on me, a complete stranger, to respect you enough to tell you the truth.

What's Next?

Once "Pastor" Mike Hylton realizes that this has become public knowledge, you can expect a flurry of damage control.

There will be tearful apologies and admissions of weakness over which he simply had no control. He may even have the audacity to stand before you in your church and beg your forgiveness. (From what I've seen so far, I'm convinced that "Pastor" Mike Hylton could actually do something like that.)

Expect to hear such things as, "Pastors are human, too" and "I have no trouble admitting that I'm a sinner" and "I'm just a man".

But if you hear any of that after June 20th, 2009, what good is it?

What good is an apology from someone who refused to apologize until after he realized that he could no longer prevent his actions from being revealed?

What possible sincerity could there be in an apology from someone who intentionally lied to everyone for years and did everything he could possibly do to prevent you from finding out what he'd done... and only decided to apologize when telling you lies was no longer an option?

A sincere, heartfelt apology before June 20th, 2009 would indicate that at least "Pastor" Mike Hylton respects you enough to be honest with you.

But an apology after that date is virtually worthless... because it comes as a result of "Pastor" Mike Hylton being backed into a corner.

And even if you did get an apology before June 20th, what good is it when he chooses to continue living in adultery so he can sleep with a woman who, as he very well knows, is married to someone else?

And Finally...

And finally, here's a question for you, "Pastor" Mike Hylton...

Jesus told the woman who was taken in adultery to "go and sin no more"... yet you and Kathy continue to lie and commit adultery simply because you want to.

Do the words of Jesus Christ when He walked among men have absolutely no meaning to you?


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